All photography provided by, Jeremy Ferranti

Element is a privately owned and operated small business. The owners, Allison and Jeremy Ferranti, have been certified and licensed general contractors in various municipalities throughout the United States since 2003.  They're familiar with the evolution of the construction industry and are up to speed with the most recent International Building Code, Residential Building Code, American Concrete Institute Specifications, American Woodworking Standards, and Industry Construction Standards.  Jeremy's a National Standard General Building Contractor with Class A, B, and C (W11, W12, W13) certifications from the International Code Council (ICC candidate ID#ICNON111485), and also a certified AWS/AWI (Certification ID#15/10/2015 2012-11-23-08-17-17).   

In 2008 Element Construction was founded with the intent of providing professional contracting services to those seeking.  The companies core values; Safety, Schedule, Quality, and Cost are the cornerstones of   constructors.  Focus in these areas allows Element to better manage expectations and serve its clients, large and small.  The company continues to grow by showcasing exceptional work and providing professional results.


Our Mission

To serve as a beacon for home owners, business owners, and investors by providing professional construction products and services tailored to meet and exceed expectations.  We continually provide substantial client returns-on-investments (ROI's) and continue to expand our customer base utilizing candor, construction expertise, professionalism, exceptional work, and attention to detail.  We are construction professionals, "100% and then some!"

Projects we’ve completed demonstrate what we know. Future projects decide what we will learn.
— Mohain Tiwana

What We Aim to Provide and Achieve

  • Customer / Consumer confidence
  • Returns on investments
  • Project completion dates and milestones in writing
  • Professional construction management and project communication
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • 3-Week look-ahead schedules
  • Professional licensure and insurance
  • Pre-screened, qualified, licensed, and insured sub-contractors
  • Construction product warranty
  • Professional phasing plans
  • Customer selections in writing
  • Contingency planning
  • Zero item punch-lists